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NOTICE: Our GPC and Colunns lab will be closed from June 25, 2018 through July 15, 2018. The last day to submit samples for analysis and receive results prior to the lab closure is June 18, 2018. Any orders placed for standards will be processed a usual.

GPC Column Regeneration Service

Column Type Price Guarantee
microSTYRAGEL™ (10µ & 15µ column; pore sizes 100Å - 106Å) $363.00 120 Days
microSTYRAGEL™ (10µ & 15µ columns; Mixed Bed) $394.00 120 Days
ULTRASTYRAGEL™ (5µ columns with pore sizes 100Å - 106Å) $484.00 90 Days
ULTRASTYRAGEL™ (5µ columns; Mixed Bed) $515.00 90 Days

Note: Please put end caps on your columns when shipping them for regeneration service. All columns recieved for regeneration service. All columns recieved for regeneration service without end caps will be charged an additional $20.00 per end cap that needs to be provided.


Regeneration Procedure
1. GPC column tube and end caps are cleaned.
2. New GPC gel in prepared.
3. Inlet and outlet filters are replaced.
4. Column is repacked using the propietary slurry method.
5. Column is tested for efficiency and performance.
6. Column is shipped in the solvent of your choice.
7. Each column is unconditionally guaranteed.
8. Each column meets or exceeds new column specifications.